September 06, 2017

“There is so much we take for granted. Little insignificant things we have that mean nothing for us but can change or make someone else’s life better.”

This was the motivation behind Michael Mercado’s determination to give. Moved by the tragic impact that Hurricane Harvey had on affected areas, the Service King San Antonio Regional Recruiter immediately knew he had to take action. He became determined to collect as many recovery items as possible to deliver to those in need. And overnight, Michael was able to make his own lasting mark in the lives of many Texas residents for good.

A true representation of what it means to live by The Service King Way, take a look at Michael’s words as he narrates his journey to help below. 

 michael 1-1

“In less than 24 hours, we had the mission to fill this truck and trailer.”

 michael 2

michael 3

“With the assistance of the San Antonio community, family, and friends, in less than 24 hours, we were able to collect donations and were ready to depart for Houston.”

michael 4

michael 5

“On our way to Houston, we teamed up with other individuals who were also going to assist with the disaster relief.”

michael 6

“Our team :-)”

 michael 7

“We got to Houston and combined all donations into one place and distributed these to various shelters and churches in Houston, South Houston, and Galveston.”

 michael 8

“When we arrived south of Houston, the devastation was clear. Families did not have any help, any assistance or insurance. We assisted several families and apartment complexes. We helped clear out debris and the demolition.” 

Michael's message to others?

"Value where you are today and what you have. Help those in need. Today it is them - tomorrow it could be us."

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