March 15, 2017

There is a distinct motivating, and even uplifting, tone that accompanies Tina Speck as she reflects on the first few months of her new role. It’s one that conveys a certain confidence and passion.

See, with more than 15 years of commitment to this industry, she still believes deeply in her particular calling. And that’s to care for her team.

Perhaps that’s why they’ve remained by her side for more than a decade. During that time, Speck served as General Manager of Service King’s Rochester Collision Repair Center. She steadily led technicians, service advisors, administrators and more with trust, compassion, and raw belief in their abilities to carry out the intricacies and complexities that make up the daily life of a collision center.

But now, it’s her time to lead an even bigger, much more complex team.

In December, Service King leaders recognized Speck’s unique talent and passionate leadership style, selecting her to serve as the market’s very first Area Leader. With the opportunity, Speck soon was tasked with overseeing the area’s network of three repair centers.

“Tina is a detail oriented, professional leader that embodies our cultural values of integrity, family, service, quality, and growth,” said Darren DuVall, Service King Market Vice President. “She upholds the ethical principles of our business and is a great role model for our teammates.”

While her responsibility has tripled, Speck is eager to take on the new challenge.

“I’m excited,” Speck says. “It’s a whole new chapter.”

Prior to her decade-long tenure as a manager, she served as Office Manager and trainer to new teammates in Rochester and across the region before the offer came to oversee the repair center.

A humble, yet fiercely passionate and motivated leader, Speck says management didn’t always come easy for her. But over time, she honed her skillset, processes and ability to effectively manage the intricacies and myriad details of a collision repair facility.

But more importantly, she learned how to earn the trust of her teammates in the process.

“I learned the difference between what it means to be a manager and a leader,” she said. “I learned a lot about how you treat your teammates. For me, it really expanded upon my leadership skills and how to coach my teammates.”

The approach worked. Speck quickly rose in the role, and soon her innate leadership ability wasn’t limited to just her repair center. In fact, she was soon tapped to serve as leader of the General Manager Council – a position she held for three years from 2011-14. Speck was the first female appointed to the council, let alone serve as leader. In the position, she helped guide the company through various changes, challenges and processes new to teammates across the country.

It was an opportunity to provide profound influence while helping establish new frontiers for females in the collision repair industry.

Today, Service King is one of the fastest-growing collision repair companies nationwide. In the midst of that growth, Speck arose as a natural choice to serve as Rochester’s Area Leader.  

“Tina understands and follows the Service King process to the T and is very regimented in her approach,” DuVall said. “She is a great asset to Service King’s market leadership team.”

Tina is sure to apply all that she has learned leading teammates as a General Manager to her new role as Area Leader. While the position is fresh, and her influence much larger, everything still centers on caring for her team.

That’s simply her philosophy – and it’s bound to continue making a profound impact.

“You get to feel a reward at the end of the day,” she said. “You know that your teammates are happy, you know that they are succeeding and you know that you can be the one who helps lead them along the way.”

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