January 02, 2018

There is something unique about the culture inside Jimmy Stevenson’s Penn Hills repair center. The team is noticeably close-knit, with a chemistry that Stevenson will gladly discuss at length with a feverish passion. After all, this is his family - and that title extends well beyond the walls of this building. 

That chemistry, culture and bond between teammates and managers perhaps never makes itself more prevalent than during the holiday season. See, that’s when Stevenson hosts his annual holiday party – and this isn’t any ordinary work party. 

No, Stevenson isn’t a fan of ‘ordinary.’ 

“To me, the team deserves more,” he says. 

For Stevenson, his holiday party marks the culmination of 12 months of carefully shopping, selecting personalized gifts, engaging vendors and organizing a catered feast. Once all of the pieces are in place, Stevenson steps back and admires a mountain of gifts – each with a special meaning – that adorn his body shop. 

This year, Stevenson’s collection of gifts included custom backpacks with each teammate’s name embroidered, an electric smoker, Bluetooth beanie caps, Pittsburgh Steelers memorabilia – just to name a few. 

“I was overwhelmed at what he had prepared for his team,” said Darren Duvall, Service King Market Vice President for the Great Lakes. “It’s immediately apparent that he upholds the family value of Service King in a way that is inspiring and we can all learn from.” 

This year marked Stevenson’s fifth holiday party. Over the years, it has steadily grown as he has seen first-hand the impact such a grand celebration has on his teammates.

“I want my team to know I care about them,” Stevenson says. “It’s not just a job. They are my work family.”

Stevenson is a veteran in the collision repair industry with a tenure that dates back three decades. He loves the business, the people he shares it with and his unique role as a general manager. The annual celebration is simply his way of bringing that passion to life and giving back to his work family.

After the elaborate party last week, Stevenson’s team made sure to include a special surprise for their manger. It is well known throughout Service King’s Penn Hill location that Stevenson is an avid cook. Earlier in the year, his team overheard him talking about a particular gourmet meat slicer that he wanted.

So, in the midst of Stevenson’s Christmas party festivities, the team presented him with a special surprise and presented him the meat slicer.       

“I wasn’t expecting that,” Stevenson said, admitting the gift made him break down in tears. 

It’s not just during the holiday season that this special vibe fills this team. No, the fervor, drive and passion that Stevenson carries with him extend throughout the year.

And that’s perhaps exactly the inspiration fueling Stevenson each and every day.

“The real lesson was that you can see the way his team responds to his core values and they reciprocate them, not only to him, but amongst the entire team,” said Duvall. “They all work really well together and he’s surrounded by like-minded, passionate teammates.”

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