January 21, 2018

At Service King, we understand the challenges our nation's veterans can face as they transition back into civilian life. That's why the Service King team is dedicated to hiring 500 military veterans and spouses in five years. In honor of those who have joined the Service King family through our Mission 2 Hire initiative, the Service Sunday series highlights the stories of our teammates who have truly given so much. 

This Sunday, we are proud to feature, Michael Mercado, a Regional Recruiter in San Antonio, Texas. Take a deeper look at Michael's Mission 2 Hire journey below.

How long did you serve?
12.5 Years total, U.S. ARMY

How long have you been a Service King teammate?
Since May 2017

How did you begin a career in the military?
I joined the US ARMY after attending college for 1 year. I wanted to do something different, I wanted to make my family proud. My English was very basic then, and I never traveled to the United States. It was a big deal for my family and me. I joined the U.S. ARMY for an initial 4-year term. Lackland AFB in San Antonio was the first place in the U.S. I visited when I landed.

Tell us about your experience transitioning back into civilian life. What were some of the difficulties you experienced?
When I got out of the military, the biggest difficulty was translating my military skills and experience into the civilian workforce. Not only my experience but all the training and education we receive through the years.

What does the Mission 2 Hire initiative mean to you?
It means a lot to me. I like to see other veterans get a chance and an opportunity to excel, and to demonstrate the value we can bring to any team.

Why do you think it is important that organizations develop programs to help veterans transition back into civilian life?
It motivates other civilians to join the Armed Forces, it tells them that, we will not be forgotten after our service to our country.

How has this made an impact on your own life? 
Working with Service King has changed my life. I mean this in a professional aspect as well. It has given me the opportunity to work with an amazing team again. Working with Service King has been the best job I have had after the military.

What is your favorite aspect of your job?
What I love about recruiting is the interaction I have day-in and day-out with all types of individuals, either on the phone or in person. Talking to new potential employees, candidates and also to our current team members across San Antonio.

What is your favorite part of being in the Service King family?
Team Work.

What would you say you are most passionate about?
Helping others. I wanted to be a recruiter because I feel I am helping someone have a job, income for their family and more.

What are some of your hobbies?
I like to travel and to read.

What is most important to you in your life and why?
The most important aspect of life is to be happy and content. No matter what we do, or what we have, if we are not happy, it’s not worth it.

If there is one thing you would like more people to know or understand about veterans, what would that be?
Veterans are an important part of society. Many sacrificed everything they had for x or y reason. Many did not have a choice - they had to join in order to have a better future for them and/or their family… We should be grateful to every veteran that serves our country. 


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