April 04, 2017

Service King’s longtime admired CEO Chris Abraham certainly did not expect the reception he received early Monday morning outside the company’s home office.

The 22-year Service King teammate stepped out of his vehicle and was immediately greeted by a long line of pandemonium stretching from the parking lot all the way to the front door. The spontaneous celebration commemorated Abraham’s 50th birthday, as teammates holding balloons, decorated signs and personal birthday cards ushered their CEO to the office building on this special day.

“Wow,” Abraham said as he finally reached the front door after high-fiving teammates along the way. “Thank you. This is special. Really, really special.”

The moment was captured on video as teammates continued to celebrate alongside Abraham with doughnuts and cake inside.

 Abraham’s decorated Service King career stretches back to 1995 when he first joined the company as a Service Advisor. He was named CEO in 2012 and continues to lead the organization today with an emphasis on culture and what teammates know as The Service King Way. His leadership has been recognized consistently across the industry and within the community. Service King has been tabbed to the Dallas Best Places to Work 14-consecutive years dating back to the list’s inception. Service King ranked No. 1 on the list in 2015 and 2012 under Abraham's leadership as CEO. 

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