July 19, 2016

It has always been the underlying personality of our business to differentiate Service King from the competition. To push the limits of creative boundaries. Perhaps you could even say we’ve been at the forefront of redefining much of the industry altogether. That will be for history to decide of course, but in 40 years, Service King has certainly left its mark – with no indication of slowing down.

We like to believe that culture is evidenced in the personality of our home office here in Dallas. Stepping off the elevator bay and onto the fourth floor, visitors are greeted with a set of branded double glass doors. A few steps down the east hallway, and the formal environment gives way to a hub of energy that feels more like a pep rally than a corporate home office. Lines of code, software maps and product launch plans pepper a large white dry-erase wall like art on display in a studio.

cr3a3462[1]_blog In front of it all rests a goliath 100-inch touch pad resembling an aircraft cockpit, churning real-time data from across the enterprise with precision.

It’s here, a place we like to refer to as our very own slice of Silicon Valley, where a focused IT team makes up the digital heartbeat of one of America’s largest networks of high-quality collision repair centers.

Service King operates more than 300 auto body repair centers in 23 states across the U.S. The organization is in the midst of an explosive expansion period, growing by more than 260 percent since 2012 and adding more than 200 locations across the U.S. in that time.

That rapid growth presents a unique challenge and opportunity for our IT staff as we aim to not only sustain and support a rapidly growing enterprise – but to embrace technology as an avenue to position Service King as the collision repair operator of choice for our teammates, customers and business partners.

As one of the most recognizable brands in the collision repair industry, Service King’s success is rooted in a relentless pursuit to infuse and embrace cutting-edge technology solutions in a creative yet cost-effective manner throughout our collision repair process.

In fact, as Service King began expanding rapidly across the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex in the mid-2000s, the company sought out a better way to manage and leverage customer information between its locations and insurance carriers. That led to the development of AccuCenter, a revolutionary and proprietary data management tool never before seen in the industry.

With AccuCenter, Service King built its very own way to capture and manage customer information to better process repairs, communicate securely and effectively with insurance partners and produce accurate estimates for hundreds of thousands of vehicle each year.

Today, AccuCenter still operates as the very core of Service King’s operations, and it also provides an ideal foundation for data to use in developing new technology solutions.

The embrace of technology to provide and enhance the automotive repair experience positioned Service King as an industry leader through consistent, forward-thinking innovation. It also firmly placed the organization in step with the automotive industry’s uniform embrace of technology in the development and manufacture of vehicles.

With AccuCenter, Service King and our team took a deeper look at how we could reimagine the customer experience while at the same time putting our own teammates at the forefront of the latest software developments. That led to the development of Overdrive – a data-driven scheduling tool built to optimize operations at multiple locations within particular markets throughout the U.S.

Overdrive is Service King’s proprietary intelligent scheduling system currently being deployed across the country. It’s a first-of-its-kind tool that effectively triangulates insurance claims to real-time capacity and customer preferences. With the software, Service King Customer Care representatives are provided a user-friendly tool to intelligently assign the right vehicle to the right repair center based on key metrics including load levels, repair capabilities and customer data.

This provides Service King the capability of making intelligent repair decisions before the vehicle even enters a location. Meanwhile, it provides the opportunity to decrease cycle time and ultimately provides a better experience for the customer and our insurance partners.

The development and inspiration of Overdrive led to the creation of yet another tool recently introduced nationally to our locations and teammates nationwide.
As Service King continues to witness the power of real-time data in the hands of our teammates, our team built and deployed the Service King Business Intelligence Dashboards. The dashboards are built and tailored specifically to various positions, including Service Advisors, Office Coordinators, Production Managers, Parts Managers, General Managers and most recently market leaders and executives at our Dallas home office.

Each Business Intelligence dashboard provides key metrics and data from AccuCenter displayed in user-friend environments conceived specifically for each job function. With the dashboards, teammates are provided real-time data to better understand the health and performance of their individual shop, market or business function.

In addition to the Overdrive and Service King Business Intelligence Dashboards, our eyes remain on the future. While these tools have provided administrative teammates with better access to critical data than ever before, our mission remains to keep our team at the forefront of technological developments.
For us, this means using technology to enhance the repair process for our very own technicians The mobile front provides a prime opportunity to bring real-time data and enhanced communications to body technicians, painters and mechanics to further increase the efficiency and quality of repairs.

While both Overdrive and the Service King Business Intelligence Dashboards have only recently gone live, the feedback has been immediate and overwhelmingly positive. It’s yet another indication of the power of real-time data and the opportunity to influence the overall experience and health of an operation through properly leveraging that data in ways that allow for engagement by teammates and employees.

Through a 40-year legacy of innovation and redefining boundaries, Service King remains steadfast in our commitment to operate as an advocate and ambassador for the collision repair industry. We’re firm in our mission to stand as the multi-shop operator of choice and see technology as a means to transform the expectations of our customers, business partners and very own teammates.

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