April 18, 2017

The automotive industry is moving at lightening pace. We understand that. In fact, rapid evolution is the fire that drives us to reimagine the auto repair industry from the inside out. 

That begins with Overdrive MD, the industry’s first mobile solution to digitizing the repair process. Service King is in the process of launching Overdrive MD – short for MobileDrive – nationwide to 318 repair centers in a move that will fundamentally change how technicians repair vehicles. 

“This is a quantum leap forward for technicians across our organization,” said Derek Kramer, Service King Chief Information Officer. “Overdrive MD will fundamentally transform the vehicle repair process by equipping technicians with real-time information and powerful data to consistently deliver best-in-class repairs for our customers nationwide.”

Built by Service King, Overdrive MD is a patented product designed to deliver crucial repair data directly to technicians in the repair center. The app seamlessly breaks down traditional barriers between the repair center and front office or support staff personnel while at the same time putting the entire industry in employee’s hands. 

With Overdrive MD in Service King repair centers, technicians can instantly communicate updates to the vehicle status, request authorizations, visually document and assess damage, request additional parts and view manufacturer repair procedures. All of this eliminates outdated paper trails and allows technicians to maximize time spent repairing vehicles. 

Overdrive MD represents Service King’s second software patent as the rapidly growing collision repair organization continues to redefine and innovate the automotive repair industry in pace with manufacturer advancements. 

“We believe information is powerful,” Kramer added. “By having that information accessible to our teammates, we are going to have some of the most empowered technicians anywhere in the industry."

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