July 12, 2017

Service. It’s the core of who we are and it’s the heart of everything we do. The Service King Way calls our team to make an impact.  We accomplish this in our commitment to skillfully restore the vehicles of each and every customer that comes in our repair centers. We also make our mark in our relentless pursuit to wholeheartedly touch the lives of those in our communities.  

For Office Coordinator Rebecca Winn, the calling became clear on what seemed to be a typical Thursday afternoon at Service King’s East Mesquite, Texas location. Yet, while attending to regular business, Rebecca looked out the window to see a sky painted black. To her shock, smoke had filled the air. She soon realized the smoke was coming from a fire just next door at the Appleseed Academy daycare.

“When I first heard it was a daycare, my heart dropped,” Rebecca said.

Grateful to learn that all had exited unharmed, yet deeply impacted by the tragedy, Rebecca did not hesitate to take action. She was determined to help in any way possible, and immediately sought out donations from those around her.

“For me, The Service King Way means simply striving to do our best,” Rebecca said. “And doing our best as often as we are given the chance, whether we are fixing a fender bender or helping heal a community.”

Eager to offer support, Area Business Development Manager, Jeff Johnston, joined the team in their efforts to help by asking all local teammates to contribute in any capacity they could.

As a result, Service King was able to collect two truckloads of children’s toys and outdoor activity equipment including sports balls, chalk, hula hoops, jump ropes and much more.

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Having recently received Service King’s highly revered Top Shop Award for business performance, the teammates opted to host the Appleseed Academy’s directors for their celebratory luncheon. At the luncheon, Service King teammates officially presented the toys and equipment they had collected.

“The employees and the parents deserved to see that they were not alone and that the community will stand with them throughout this difficult time,” Rebecca said.

Her generous spirit did not go unnoticed.

“We never imagined that we would receive so many toys,” said Barbara Kilpatrick, Appleseed Academy’s owner, and director. “We are incredibly grateful to Service King for reaching out to us in such a big way.”




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