December 07, 2016

As we enter the heart of the holiday season, it provides the perfect opportunity to reflect upon The Service King Way. For 40 years, Service King teammates have believed there is more to what we do than repairing vehicles. We wrap those repairs with a blanket of compassion, care, and generosity for our customers and our shared communities. 

It’s a different perspective. But it’s what separates Service King from our peers. Earlier this month, teammates from SK 145 West Palm Beach, put on display exactly what that culture looks like.

As general manager Patrick Walsh gathered his team for a morning meeting, he asked the group how they would like to spend their holiday budget later this month. The question lingered over the group before the team unanimously responded with another question - could they instead use those funds to support Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital through Service King’s annual Toy Drive?

Walsh was stunned.

“It brought a tear to my eye,” he said.

The team is now voluntarily forgoing its holiday party to support their community and patients at the nearby hospital. Soon, they will have an overflowing amount of toys to deliver to families on Dec. 13, in an act of generosity that couldn't make Walsh and more proud.

"They are very willing to help each other throughout the shop," Walsh said. "I like to say I have one of the best teams around. But for them to come out and say that - it just blew me away."

 This holiday season, Service King is hosting more than 20 unique toy drives and funds across the country to support local non-profit organizations, families in need and various other causes.

 The effort comes as we close a year in which we celebrated Service King's 40th Anniversary and revisited many of the core values that make this company so special. The community outreach conducted throughout the year stood as a clear statement that we intend to never forget our core principles. 

 We’d like to thank all of our teammates for their relentless pursuit to living out The Service King Way in all of our communities across the country. We will you all a Happy Holiday Season and look forward to a great 2017. 

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